A downloadable game for Windows

This game is about you, the player, inside a grocery store and you have to steal some items with your cart and escape. The store is guarded by 1 alien who is part of a group of aliens that invaded our planet.

Steal as many items as you can with your cart and try to escape! in the Steal Mode or you could play the List Mode where you are given a list of items to steal. Get them and escape with your cart to win!

Note: I wanna thank everyone who made this Game Jam. This is my first game jam and I learned so much from making this game. I now know things about game development that I would not have known if I hadn't joined this jam. Thank you so much <3 

Install instructions

Click on the Download button which will take you to the Google Drive folder that the zip file is in

Download the Zip file

Right click on the downloaded zip file then hover on  7-Zip,  then click on Extract to "WindowsNoEditor\".  If you don't have 7-Zip download it here

Wait until the file is extracted and then you will see a folder called "WindowsNoEditor". Click on it and then click on "StealAndEscape" executable and enjoy the game :)


Development log


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Thank you for playing!! There were many bugs that I have been able to fix in the past week. The game works very well now and it is easy to control the cart without having things flying around. All those fixes will be released when the full game comes out.

The full release will have extra features/mechanics :)

Hi man!

first of all, this was also my first game jam, and I would like to congratulate you on your game. I share the feeling of being able to complete a game for a Jam!

- Did you find the game scary and fun to play? or was it boring? if you found it boring I would love to hear why so that I can improve the game :)

I think the general darkness plays to the aesthetic of the game, as well as the music, that is unnerving and serves its purpose, I believe.

- What was annoying to you while playing the game?

Regarding the game, I didn't quite understand how to 'win' the game, as even when I got the groceries in the cart they kept falling from it. Also, the alien found me very fast most of the times. 

Maybe adding a little bit more lighting, improving the mechanic of the groceries in the cart and some 'steps' to the alien as it approaches can really give your game an upgrade! 

Once again, congrats!